When school isn’t enough


Abigayle and I just drove by your centre and she said she missed going to tutoring! Thank you for the support you gave her during her time at Leeds. She is now feeling far more confident and prepared for university!
Shari- Parent

Wow. I just sat and watched my son work on his math questions. I just sat there. I never had to walk him through it. It makes me so happy to see how comfortable he looks doing it. No frustration, no sadness. The change in him in just a few short months is beyond words. What a difference. We can’t thank you enough!
Janet- Parent

I won two scholarships + a faculty award during my grad btw! Thanks for teaching me for a semester. I enjoyed your classes and your lessons helped me learn a lot and keep up with my school work(specifically physics.. lol)
Cathy- Past Student

Our daughter has become a new little girl who now enjoys reading. Thank you so much for all that you have done for her!
T.M.- Parent

Thank you for supporting our son through his academic challenges. He speaks very highly of you both. I am so grateful for your services through Leeds Learning Centre.
Jackie- Parent

Thank you so much for your help during calculus and vectors and advanced functions, I couldn’t have gotten into university without it!
Taylor R.- Past Student

I can honestly say without the help of Melanie, Shane and everyone else at Leeds Learning Centre I wouldn’t be where I am today, have the aspirations I have today and wouldn’t be wanting to better myself and learn as much as I can whenever I can.
Matthew M. Age 20- Past Student

I have worked with Shane for three years and am now taking pre-IB classes. I know Shane is always there to help me with the most difficult math problems. He is awesome.
Anna K. Age 15- Future Scholar

The staff at Leeds Learning Centre were very supportive and understanding of my son and his various educational and behavioural needs. I have and will continue to recommend their services to my friends.
Amy H.- Parent

I like knowing that I can come in and ask questions and get help from someone who is familiar with the work and knows what they are talking about.
Maria A. Age 15- Future Scholar

After hearing from several people that Leeds Learning Centre was the best thing they ever did for their kids I had to see for myself. Now my JK daughter is enrolled in the Leeds Little Learners programme and she loves every minute of it! I am also very happy that her classes can continue during July and August so she won’t fall behind over the summer.
Jaime B.- Parent

We have been clients of the Leeds Learning Centre for approximately ten years. Shane and Melanie have tutored our four children throughout their high school years. Our oldest daughter graduated from BCI and went on to study Nursing at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia with an academic scholarship. She is now a bone marrow transplant/hematology nurse in Halifax. Our second daughter graduated high school and was accepted to the University of Toronto where she has just graduated with a Bio-Fuel Science degree and starts a Masters of Molecular Biology in September. Our twins are just finishing high school and have both been accepted to post-secondary institutions. Our son has been accepted to the University of Toronto in Science and our daughter has been accepted to the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland into Medical School, directly from high school. I firmly believe that Shane and Melanie were instrumental in their success. Without the tutoring and the study habits that they learned at The Leeds Learning Centre I do not think they would have achieved these exceptional results. They are good students but with the additional help along with the inspiration to achieve that they received from their one-on-one sessions they were able to accomplish more than they thought possible. Without specific help from Melanie and Shane, practice interviews, essay review for applications and coaching it is unlikely our daughter would have been successful getting accepted to The Royal College of Surgeons straight out of high school. All out children graduated high school with averages ranging from 88%-95%. These results were consistent with each child even though the children have very different personalities, drives to succeed and effective/not so effective study habits. I highly recommend The Leeds Learning Centre for any parent/child regardless of whether they need specific help to keep up or are looking to excel at school. Tutoring is not only for children who are struggling. Certainly there were occasions where one or another of our children struggled with a specific unit or subject but the consistent help they received from Melanie and Shane not only helped them overcome any difficulties, it paved the road for them to exceed their expectations and ours.
Sharon Jordan- Parent

Hey guys!
Wanted to let you know I just got into medical school at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland! Couldn’t have done it without you guys!
Mackenzie- Past Student