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Leeds Learning Centre offers tutoring and academic support to struggling students, gifted students, and everyone in between. Whether your child is learning to read or struggling with physics, our team is here to help. We are a resource for parents, students, and teachers alike.
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Elementary Classes

Developmental and Corrective Reading

Whether your child is just starting to read or has been reading for years, we have a programme that can strengthen and build their skills. Developmental Reading (grades JK-2) helps younger children get started on the right foot. Using Learning to Read techniques such as: phonemic awareness, phonics, and blending skills, we work with your child to build their fluency and accuracy levels allowing them to enjoy reading and feel confident in their day to day school work. Corrective Reading (grades 3-7) builds on those early skills and switches to more of a Reading to Learn approach with a greater focus on vocabulary and comprehension work.

Corrective Mathematics

Many students feel frustrated and confused by the fast-paced mathematics curriculum taught in school. Our programmes use a structured approach to learning that puts the focus on strengthening skills and mastering facts. Students are placed in the module that best suits their current abilities and work through the various skills-building lessons with confidence and accuracy. Corrective Mathematics Modules include Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. All of the above programmes use a structured approach involving multiple learning strategies to make sure students are not just reading but understanding and remembering what they are taught.

Subject-based Mathematics & Language Arts

Some students have a good grasp of the general concepts but need some extra assistance to be prepared for grade 8 and 9 expectations. For those students subject based tutoring can provide homework assistance and skills remediation in particular areas. To be successful in higher level mathematics, most students require more detailed instruction in algebra, integers, order of operations, fractions, decimals, and percents.

Secondary Classes

Grade 9

The transition to high school can be very challenging for students. Suddenly they have more responsibilities and a greater workload. We are able to support your high school student by firming up prerequisite skills and helping them understand and learn the new material. EQAO testing also occurs during this year and, like an exam, often counts towards their final mark. Contact us for assistance in math, science, English, geography and more.

Grade 10

By grade ten most students understand what high school is all about but still need some assistance for particular courses. This is also an excellent time for enrichment classes for high-achieving students wishing to be at the head of the class for the senior years.

Grades 11 & 12

The latter part of high school is the time for students to investigate new subjects and find out what interests them for post-secondary study. This often means taking challenging courses in order to be better prepared for future academic challenges. These are the years that colleges and universities use to determine who will be accepted into their courses of study. A few extra percentage points may be all that stands between them and their school of choice. Assistance is available for Functions, Calculus, physics, chemistry, biology, English and more.

Specialty Classes

Little Learners Programme (Ages 4-7)

Designed for youngsters K - 2, our popular Leeds Little Learners programme continues on through the summer. Students come together and learn to read with confidence using our highly successful phonetic approach. They experience success and develop skills that will give them the edge in the early grades. Benefits gained by our graduates are amazing. Parents have stated that their children do better at school, have higher self-esteem, and are more enthusiastic about reading and learning. Leeds Little Learners is also available on an individual basis.

Study Skills

Students develop organizational and time management skills as well as a variety of other important study skills. The intermediate version helps students make the transition to grade nine. The senior version provides students with more complex skills that will ensure success at the college and/or university level.

Write Away

Students in grade 8-12 improve written communication. In the intermediate version, students focus on paragraph and essay writing, and grammar and spelling. Senior students focus on writing longer, formal essays, constructing bibliographies, researching and recognizing an author’s style and craft.

This is not an exhaustive list of what we offer, it’s just the highlights. If you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us for more information!