First Day

It is time for school again!

Who doesn’t love back to school time? Okay, maybe a few grumbly kids out there are not quite as excited as I am.

As a kid, I loved the first day of school. My sister and I would have everything ready for days before- the pencil crayons were sharpened, the new erasers were out of their packages, and I had binders bursting with lined paper. My sister, seven years younger, seemed fascinated with ball point pens and white out. We were only allowed to use them starting in grade seven so she would still have years to wait. We would pack our lunches, pose for the first-day picture, grab our new backpacks, and then walk to school. Hoping our summer-weakened brains were ready for the next grade’s challenges, we would enter the school and head off to our classrooms.

Growing up in the country, back to school time was also when we would see the majority of our friends again. Summer was wonderful but anyone further than a bike-ride away was lost to me for July and August. To make matters worse, everyone outside my village was long-distance so I had to leave the phone on its hook to avoid my father’s wrath.

As an adult, I really haven’t lost my love for the first Tuesday after Labour Day. I still buy more paper than is really necessary, but now I also get to buy books- textbooks, student daybooks, new novel study books, and yes- more pencils, pens, erasers, and post-it notes. The stockholders at Staples must love me. I still giggle with excitement when I see the September flyer.

To me, this is a more natural time for fresh starts than New Year’s Day. I feel invigorated and refreshed. I am ready to learn, to teach, to inspire.

Sure, in a few months I may be back to my more relaxed habits but this rush gets me started on the right track.

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