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Are you looking for a tutor in Brockville? Leeds Learning Centre’s instructors have been helping local students succeed since 1995. Whether your child is struggling, is gifted, or is somewhere in between, our individualised programmes can help. Take a moment to review our website, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

“Wow. I just sat and watched my son work on his math questions. I just sat there. I never had to walk him through it. It makes me so happy to see how comfortable he looks doing it. No frustration, no sadness. The change in him in just a few short months is beyond words. What a difference. We can’t thank you enough!”

Janet –  Parent

Since 1995

Beyond the Classroom

“Thank you for supporting our son through his academic challenges. He speaks very highly of you both. I am so grateful for your services through Leeds Learning Centre.”

Jackie – Parent

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-Since 1995-

About Us

Leeds Learning Centre is a unique, privately owned educational service which was founded in 1995 with the vision of improving educational experiences for individuals who require more than the school system can offer. Some students come to us because they have had little success in their academic endeavours. Still others enrol because they are not being challenged by their day to day work. We are here to be a resource for parents, students, and teachers alike. Our one-to-one individualized programmes emphasize competency and results, allowing students to meet their full potential. Students feel comfortable asking questions and quickly build rapport with their personal instructor.
Numerous research reports have been written about our teaching methodologies, the results of which have been widely published and presented at both national and international conferences. Our programmes have consistently produced academic gains for students at risk of failure. Our programmes and methodologies help students develop an individual sense of self-worth and accomplishment. Our educational programmes are delivered by highly-trained teachers working with individual students. Our teachers create an enthusiastic and caring atmosphere for learning. We ensure the attention needed for each student’s success.
After all, sometimes school just isn’t enough.